Making A Difference



• Sponsor and passed HB 709 Protect and Put NC Back to Work; HB 544 2012 Workers’ Compensation Amendments.  Together these two bill represent landmark reforms in the State’s Workers’ Compensation System both improving the lives of workers injured on the job and helping businesses better control costs.

• Sponsor of Economic Impact of Regulator Legislation. This bill will require the General Assembly to do a cost benefit analysis of all regulatory legislation to better understand the real impact on consumers and businesses before passing new regulations.

• Sponsored and passed bills to help small businesses weather the recession, better afford employee health care and create new avenues for investment: HB 852 Defer Tax on Builder’s Inventories, HB 1490 Land Development Permit Changes, HB 2550 Small Business Health Benefits Credit, and HB 789 Endangered Manufacturing and Jobs Act (Senate version passed, SB 308).

• Co-sponsored legislation to support North Carolina’s business climate including HB 1989 Reduce Tax Burden on Small Business, HB 2695 Economic Enhancement to Create Jobs, HB 1634 Stimulate Manufacturing Economy, and HB 1364 AgRELEIF Act/Cost Share Program.


• Sponsored and passed HB 845 Annexation Reform Act of 2011 which gives citizens and homeowners a real voice in the process of involuntary annexation.  This is landmark legislation in the protection of private property rights for all North Carolina citizens.


• Provided leadership in crafting two state budgets which eliminated $1.5 billion in so-called “temporary taxes” and included a new exclusion from state taxes for the first $50,000 in business income which will boost the creation and expansion of small businesses across our State.

• Sponsored the State Savings Act to amend our State Constitution to mandate saving for the future when we are experiencing revenue growth. By planning ahead we will not have to face the prospect of cutting services when people need them the most or raise taxes when people can afford them the least.

• Opposed raising $2.5 billion in job killing tax increases during the recession. These unwise tax increases have burdened families and small businesses and slowed the economic recovery in North Carolina.

• Successfully supported property tax relief for senior citizens and veterans, reauthorized the long-term care tax credit, provided tax relief and reform for small businesses, and eliminated the gift tax. We have now phased out the legislative raids on the Highway Trust Fund and will be using those resources to relieve highway congestion.


• Successfully sponsored landmark Mental Health Reform with HB 916 Statewide expansion of 1915(b)(c) Waiver.  This is the expansion of North Carolina’s nationally recognized public managed care model for providing mental health, substance abuse and intellectual and developmentally disabled services.

• HB 614 the Volunteer Health Care Services Act to greatly improve the provision of critical medical services during natural or manmade disasters.

• Successfully co-sponsored legislation which created a High-Risk Insurance Pool to make health insurance more affordable for persons with preexisting medical conditions.

• Sponsored Check-Off Donation/Breast Cancer Screening which would allow people to use their tax return to donate funds to the State’s Breast Cancer Screening Program.

• Sponsored legislation to better fund programs for special needs children, enacted new early intervention funding for children with autism, and supported expansion of WakeMed’s award-winning childhood diabetes education and prevention program.

• Sponsored and helped pass insurance reforms including standardized insurance cards and tightening prompt pay provisions on insurers.


• Co-sponsored and helped pass HB 961 Government Ethics and Campaign Reform Act of 2010 and HB 817 Ethics Changes during the 2010 Session.

• Supported the State Government Ethics Act which created the State Ethics Commission, provided greater disclosure of economic interests by elected officials and limited the ability of special interests to influence elections and public policy.

• Amended the Ethics Act to bar elected officials from using public money to further their political ambitions.

• Co-sponsored bills and supported amendments to establish Investigative Grand Juries to deal with public corruption, limits on the power and tenure of Legislative Leaders, and limits to their ability to skirt the state’s campaign laws.